Two For Flinching

Marlowe was reinstated today--he will return in fall.


Steveskid said...

What made Yowell blink so soon? It was inevitable that he would, but why now?

From the dark said...

Hay, Jack. Now you hav e a real story to write about.

I'll help you get started:

"Well Liked and Greatly Respected Professor is Reinstated"

TR said...

I crave details. Then again, I am a patient fellow.

No one of importance said...

This is great news! It's righting of a major wrong, a check of over-extended power. But it's not a victory, yet. Remember the long list of grievances before the firings were added.

Like TR, I want details. It'd be good to know if this signals a new attitude from Yowell or is simply the recognition he didn't have a legal leg to stand on combined with the fact that the English dept. can't staff all their classes without Marlowe teaching his 10+ classes a semester.

From the dark said...

I think we should press for Dr. McNutts return. If Steve's reinstatement is truly the interjection of the Board, which many suspect, then there is a great need to have a rational and sane hand to see to the everyday business of the College. A Board cannot govern with the detail necessary for the success of the College.