... but not the war.

Congratulations to Steve Marlowe, who is once again among the faculty of Edison Community College. The reinstatement, despite whether it was a concession from Yowell or not, is a noticable momentum shift away from the upper administration. Logic, justice, and sanity all told us that the dismissal of a contracted employee would not stand - it was a matter of how long a resolution would take and how far the parties would have to go.

This, however, is not the war so to speak. With the Marlowe battle won, let us all be reminded of the other fights: A no confidence vote that has been shrugged at, people were "sorta fired," the budget is still in disarray, employees still look to leave Edison when possible, morale continues to remain low, and there is no sign that the president intends to change his tactics of information manipulation, favoritism, lop-sided pay in terms of upper administration, and a social example that leaves much to be desired.

Kick off your shoes, have a drink, and enjoy the battle won. Remember, come fall semester, Yowell and his cadre will assuredly continue their pattern of failing policy spearheaded by people who are allowed to submit false reports to the Board of Trustees.

Contracted employees appear to be safe again. The CBA, along with the union, withheld against the onslaught. Non contracted employees, especially adjuncts, continue to be at the chopping block. Mr. Essinger, as of earlier today, reported no change in the administration's decision to bar him from teaching fall semester for being involved with the "controversial board meeting." Additionally, he reports that he has spoken to legal counsel and is considering legal action.

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