The President and his entourage are soon to leave for the CQIN conference. As a "heads up" (people have started to like using the term of late), expect an amount of ridiculous emails upon their return encouraging you to get on the bus, ride the bus, and whatever else you can do to a bus.

Rumor has it the color of the bus this year is a blue pantsuit.

And now this:


Class of '04 said...

Any word yet on Ms. Rigola's expenses?

Class of '04 said...

The utter shame of the CQIN expenditures is that it truly is an incredible and productive experience for those that would take it seriously. I watched with pure envy as some institutions truly embraced the processes and mad good progress toward significant goals.

But Ken has always been about image, not substance. And, so, each year the crew becomes more handpicked to make him look good whilst accomplishing nothing. Jane uses the process to bend and manipulate and Ken sits back and takes credit where it might do him good. At Edison it is both a shame and a sham.

It simply can't end too soon. Get on with it, please.

From the dark said...

The CQIN representative/trainer from Terra Community College had a warning for us during one of our introductory session to the CQIN process. He said the process when used as indented could be enormously rewarding for an institution. Then he said he had seen instructions were the administration used it to control every facet of the college and it had been disastrous.

The Board already witnessed this attempt to control the process so there is no need to go on with the litany of how the process has been corrupted at Edison. When the leader of the CQIN initiative stands in front of you (the Board) and bald-face lies to you about a CQIN data collection and report on non-existent data, what more can we say. The President then confesses in front of you that he instructed her to give the false report. When is enough enough? When is now now?