Inside Higher Education Article Examines KY's Management

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No one of importance said...

A very strong article and it appears they spoke to everyone but the Board.

There are a few things you can do:

1) Read for your own enjoyment or consternation.
2) Read and forward to everyone you know.
3) Read and forward everyone and then send links to those in the local press (links in the June 24, 2009 posting), Board of Regents, and Governor Strickland.

The choice is up to you.

Class of '04 said...

No One of Importance - I like option 3, but add in Edison's board members.

No one of importance said...

I'm assuming the Board Members are already aware of this, but I've been wrong before. Unfortunately, the only way to contact the Board is through Linda Peltier (even the Board of Regents sent me to her). But I'd have no problem if people were to contact the Board through their place of employment or their other organizations. Of course, one would have to do a simple Google search to find that information.

From the dark said...

He does dress nice. What is this business about a secretary on the Edison payroll working from Texas? I heard that KY fired a VP over the expenses Edison was incurring from this odd Texas connection when the VP tried to rein it in.

Chris Johnson said...

PR5. That's a strong weblog with loads of google juice. That could very easily become the first 4-6 results if folks would publish with "ken yowell" in somewhere. It's already Page 1, result 5 and would take so little to be etched in stone irrevocably for Kenny Boy.

From the dark said...

BY the Numbers

In Yowell's report to the Edison Board, he uses credit hour numbers from 2005-2008 to make his case for firing Steve Marlowe. You do the arithmetic for where the math "other" area switch should take place by KY's logic.

Discipline #ofFac Ave CR/FT Fac
Math 2 11,370
Bio 4 2,728
Computer IT 4 2,942
English 5 4,489
Art 2 1,984
Psy 2 5,284

Other relevant facts:
* Biology has 4 faculty that are not on continuing contracts. Any one of them may be non-renewed with out giving a reason.
* Computer IT has two faculty that are not on a continuing contract.
* One of the two Art faculty intend to retire in January.
* One of the two Psy faculty intend to retire in January.

Isn't obvious why Marlowe is the candidate?

The really sad issue is that Edison's fulltime faculty teach less than 60% of the credit hours. Edison is shorthanded in almost every department. The hard staffing decisions were already made long ago.