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Fret not, faithful educators, for The Illuminator is here to keep spreading the word about the condition of ECC. While information for upcoming posts is checked for accuracy, here are some recent tidbits from campus:

The Board passed a resolution changing mileage reimbursement from 55 cents a mile to 45 cents a mile - 10 cents less than the IRS rate. No word, as of yet, if this has any impact on the travel of off campus administration.

Contracts for 8 week courses were emailed ... over two weeks past when the courses actually started. With innovative, expensive HR software, one would think contract production wouldn't be a drawn out ordeal.

The Dimbulbs have reported on a partnership between Urbana University and Troy. This partnership brings a four year educational branch to directly within Edison's service area. President Yowell, a member of the Troy Development Council, would have been involved in this planning process. While still abiding by conflict of interest ideals, would it not be wise to prepare the Edison community (Board, teachers, staff, etc) for this new, direct competition to Edison? Wouldn't it be wise to plan, prepare, and strengthen the image of Edison in the community so that a potentially large market share of students are not lost? After reviewing all documents available, not a bit of this has apparently been done.

Staffing coordinators report staffing for fall courses continue. Projections for fall place a further growth in students. Due to retirements, professors moving to other institutions, dismissals, and adjunct paranoia, some coordinators are becoming hard pressed to meet the demands of matching courses with instructors. Now isn't the time to be removing instructors!

The Board of Trustee meeting of June held a variety of information:
  • The chairman stated he had, "no problem with the blog."
  • Several members expressed concern over the next FY budget and the CBA.
  • The finance committee was asked to prepare a worst case scenario budget in order to have all bases covered for the upcoming FY. This budget included the salary packages for positions which Edison needs (registrar, web master, etc), but does not contain the faculty pay raise or the faculty bonus. In fact, after preparing a worst case scenario budget, the team projects a surplus of $205,000. Yes, even with extensive perks and compensation, a surplus.
  • A member, in attending a professional development conference, participated in a seminar about "no confidence votes." Despite this member presumably sharing the information with the Board and the President, the vote continues to be disregarded. The contrary seems to be case by the Chairman stating, "there will be no change in leadership at Edison."

That hiring debaucle? Only more! If Edison is hiring or not seems to be like spinning a magic wheel and seeing what the ticker falls on. Depending on the perception needed by the administration, there may be a freeze, there might be hiring of essential positions, there might be no ice block. A recent email listed the following positions in which people may apply: PT Librarian, Bookstore Clerk, PT Secretary (HR), Registrar, PT Medical Assisting Director, and Math Faculty. Please note, some of these jobs are pre-budgeted or required for certification. Other jobs seem to be out of the blue, don't include Webmaster, a search was already done that resulted in nobody being hired, or in the eyes of this writer require some big justification.

Our publication, however, would like to thank Dr. McNutt for her extensive service to Edison. Administrators all over, especially at Edison, could learn a great deal from her. Too bad the President was on vacation.

Coming soon ... the President's "heads up" rationale for the termination of Professor Marlowe as well as the projected ramifications! Summer reading: Emotional Intelligence!

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