Two Letters from the English Deptarment

The English Department would like to respond to the rationale used in the letter sent on June 11, 2009 to Steve Marlowe terminating his contract with Edison Community College and eliminating a full time position from the English department. The letter states that his contract was terminated because budget dollars needed to be reallocated from the English Department Staff to the Math Department Staff.

The full contents of this letter can be found here.

Same Song, Different Voice.

The Edison English department is writing this letter in response to your letter of nonrenewal to Steve Marlowe. This action is illegal, unethical, unnecessary and shamefully vindictive.

The full contents of this letter can be found here.


Chance said...

Kudos for your letters on behalf of Steve.

I trust no one is counting on LP to deliver the letters to the Board of Trustee members.

Hopefully, there's a Plan B to assure the letters reach their intended audience.

Also, beware the wheels of retaliation may keep turning. We'd all like to think Yowell can't fire everyone, but he already has to some degree (remember the 86 with letters of non-renewal?), even though he denies it, maybe, sort of, maybe, heads up, no, heads down, duck, maybe.


No one of importance said...

I love the English Department. Only problem: there's no place for me to sign.

MT said...

I salute you, English Department, for your courage in standing up and stating your opinion. As we all know, opposing KY on any issue is not the safest place to be - and what a sorry thing that is for Edison.

From the dark said...

The letter needs to go to the editorial pages of all the local news papers. Sp should the first letter.