Keeping up the Public Pressure

In the wake of the two most recent Editorial Junta postings, the restoration of the Dimbulbs to speak out, and a the urgent please for more public discourse in the comments section, perhaps it's time for speak louder.

As Marlowe wrote a few days ago, both attempts to fire him were meant to silence criticism.  As if that wasn't enough, the Board has indirectly (inconsequential) and directly tried to silence criticism.  It's clear Yowell and the Board (collectively) aren't going to listen to us.

So, what are we supposed to do?  We can start by letting people know what's going on--not just our friends, but people who need to know and will ask questions.  Below is a list of contacts, local and national.  Link them to the Illuminator, give names of administrators and Board members.  Let them call; let them come and visit.

Dave Larsen, Dayton Daily News(937) 225-2419 or 
WHIOTV (channel 7): (937) 259-2111
Inside Higher Ed: Ideas for articles, opinion pieces, columns, and other editorial features should be sent to Scott Jaschik, editor, orDoug Lederman, editor.
The Ohio Association of Community Colleges: Phone: (614) 221-OACC (6222) 
Toll-Free: 1-888-533-6222
The Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Fingerhut: 614-466-0887 

I apologize for the crazy fonts, copy and paste does that.  Notes: Chancellor Fingerhut doesn't seem to be reliable in responding to email.  He hasn't responded to my email from April, and I don't believe anyone else has heard from him.  In case you haven't heard, the Ohio Assoc. of Comm. Colleges recently appointed Edison Board of Trustee Darryl Mehaffie to be Vice-Chair. Good for him.  I don't know him but have heard he's not the worst of the Board members.  He might learn he's an awkward spot.  

Start writing.  Express your concern.  Be polite.  


Chance said...

Good work, No One of Importance.

Since our board members are locals (and perhaps also Yowell-kles), let's make sure to contact the local newspapers. We wouldn't want to leave anyone out.

Try these contacts:

Frank Beeson, Publisher of I-75 Newspapers (Sidney, Piqua, Troy, other daily papers),

Susan Hartley, Editor, Piqua Daily Call,

David Fong, Executive Editor, Troy Daily News,

Melanie Yingst, Education Reporter, Troy Daily News,

Jeff Billiel, Publisher, Sidney Daily News,

David Compton, Publisher, Greenville Daily Advocate,

Christina Chalmers, Editor, Greenville Daily Advocate,

Lyn Bliss, Senior Advocate Editor, Greenville Daily Advocate,

Git 'er done.


TR said...

A few other ideas:

Perhaps contact Ohio Board of Regents members directly:

If Eric Fingerhut is not responsive, you might contact vice-chancellor Barbara Gellman-Danley. I can't find her email but her office phone is (614)466-3561 and you could try writing a letter to her at:
Ohio Board of Regents
30 E. Broad Street, 36th floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3414

This mailing address works for Chancellor Fingerhut also.

I'd suggest that, when writing, lead off with the notion that quality and access will suffer as we are faced with the choice of hiring underqualified adjuncts or cancelling classes.