Heads Up Don't Count, Kids

April 14, 2009, in an email from KY's edisonohio.edu account: "It is very important for everyone at Edison to understand that no faculty member or no administrator or classified employee has been non-renewed or fired.

Then again, on April 15, 2009, on the record, before witnesses, on video, in a Board of Trustees meeting, KY said, "...no employee has been non-renewed or fired."

In doing so, he retracted and rendered moot each notice LP had so lovingly sent to all of Edison's dispensable, non-mission-critical employees.

Each person having received such letters was, at that moment, un-non-renewed. Should KY direct LP to fire anyone at the end of this month, he will be doing so without proper notice, which likely will inflict serious harm on many members of the Edison family. No one should let that harm go unredressed, if it occurs, God forbid.

The Miami County Bar Association can provide attorney referrals, and can be reached
at (937) 440-5994.


Chance said...

June. Time winding down.

No one has been notified their position is secure for next year (not counting KY's un-non-renewal statement), right?

But the college has gone ahead and hired new faculty for next year? How does that work?

Is the B of T suddenly oblivious to all that has been happening? How could they approve any job action of any kind? Are they again just doing as told? (Yes Ken. OK Ken. Sure Ken. All in favor. Aye) For Pete's sake.

What are we not being told?

Is there now a budget (a secret executive session one, perhaps?) which allows the college to hire new employees?

If there is some version of a budget, why aren't the 86 or 128 or however many employees in limbo first to be reinstated (I know, I know, you've said we've all been un-heads-upped and un-non-renewed)? Don't the existing employees deserve first consideration?

Do these hirings mean the college now cannot let anyone go? (because the reputed financial crisis isn't? because obviously there is now money to hire new people?)

Does it mean untold numbers of grievances (and possibly lawsuits) if anyone is terminated?

Is it more unexplained action by the administration (and approved by the B of T) leading to more chaos, fear, antagonism, and negativism?

The incredible lack of transparency and forthrightness, especially in light of the current situation, at Edison is just astounding, but not suprising in the least.

B of T members, have you not learning a thing from all this? (We don't expect Ky and Co to learn anything from this whole episode, so no surprise on that)

Anybody clarify any of this?

Brad Reed said...

Budget Committee meetings have been scheduled for June 2, 3 and 9. I would guess the timing is connected to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee late last week approving its version of the state budget and referring it to the full Senate for consideration this week and then on to conference committee. I'll know more after today's meeting.

At the May Board meeting, one position was hired: Resolution FY2009-11, Appointment of Full-Time Faculty Member/Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, a position that is required for program accreditation. No other actions were taken by the board.

T.P. MacPhellimey said...

In the May minutes I also see this: Resolution FY 2009-12, the appointment of Naomi Lewis as a full-time faculty member serving as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Brad Reed said...

I apologize, and stand corrected. The Lewis appointment was not reflected on the agenda that I had at the meeting, and in the motion to approve the consent agenda no mention was made of an addition. One more reason the Board should stop using the "consent agenda" format - it's not like they have fifty agenda items to vote on each session.

Chance said...

Let's see then.

Topic: Lewis hiring.

Not on the agenda. Check.
Not mentioned in the motion. Check.
Hired without discussion. Check.
Business as usual. Check.

How very transparent.

So, how does Yowell explain this obviously very contradictory hiring of a new faculty member before any existing employee has received a contract for 2009-2010, and before a new budget is set?

How does the Board explain supporting this action?

Well . . . they don't.
They don't have to discuss it.
They don't have to mention it.
And they don't have to explain themselves to anyone.
Adds up to zero accountability.

Another glowing example of why the college is in such turmoil.