Wolf Hunt

Oh noes. KY will surely be jealous of Wright State's soon-to-be reduced faculty size (they will no doubt be replaced with half-price adjuncts). The Editorial Junta will be surprised if he doesn't fire a few people just to prove he can still play with the big boys. It's worth noting, however, that the Wright State folks are trying voluntary buyouts to avoid the kind of rancor that the Edison HR Columbine inspired. Maybe not leadership at Wright State, so much as common sense and a feeling human soul.

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Chance said...

Considering . . .

Full-time faculty once taught about 70% of Edison's courses.

Over KY's two decades at the helm that figure has dwindled to about 30%. (Could it be that KY has been practicing a pre-emptive form of downsizing by not hiring full-time faculty in the first place?)

The admirable work performed by adjuncts notwithstanding (for substandard pay, no less), the need for a proper complement of full-time faculty to ensure the academic function of the college is imperative.

Ultimately, the faculty do the college's work, and all others (yes, even the college president) are here to support the faculty and the ultimate goal of educating Edison's students.

Board members are you listening?

The point is that the loss of even ONE faculty member to this most horrid example of mismanagement (aka the Edison HR Columbine) is absolutely unacceptable.

Board members are you listening?

God forbid that SEVERAL full-time faculty would be lost, either to KY exercising his retributional prerogative, or by those faculty unwilling to continue under this regime choosing to move on to other opportunities (and as pointed out elsewhere, we know a number ARE looking).

Board members are you listening?

The enrollment growth and budget data clearly indicate that there will not be a financial crisis for Edison this year. Every faculty member must be rehired, continued, or un-heads-upped. Every last one.

Accept nothing less.

Board members are you listening?