And The Hits Keep A Comin'

This, from a man who wears bow ties without irony:

May 21, 2009

To All College Personnel:

Trying to be consistent with past years of beginning summer business casual attire after Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 26, is the day this year. The expectation is that you will come to campus each day dressed casually but professionally. If you choose regular business attire, that is OK, too, but in either case a good appearance—and the good impression that comes with it—does not take a summer break in our line of work.

After consultation on correct descriptions, no jeans/denim of any color or style will be permitted. Shirts with collars are acceptable for men, while business blouses or casual tops that fully cover the midriff are acceptable for women. For men, Docker-type or dress slacks only. For women, sport pants, shorts, t-shirts, gauchos, skorts, and Capri pants are not traditional business casual and therefore unacceptable on the job. Tennis or athletic shoes are not appropriate. Dress sandals are acceptable for men and women, but not casual street sandals, such as the flip-flop/Crocs variety. Men who choose to wear dress sandals should wear socks. Because of air conditioning, dressy sweaters or light jackets may be worn by both women and men. Our environmental maintenance staff will continue to wear uniforms.

All of this is pretty much common sense, but there are those who always like to test the system. To this end, I expect all supervisors to monitor conformance to the summer business casual attire expectations. Of course, in obvious situations where traditional business attire is expected or appropriate, on or off campus, the same common sense should dictate proper choices.

Enjoy the summer!


It is, and has been, the opinion of faculty members who negotiated the original ESEA agreement, that faculty have no dress code. If the administration wants one, it should bargain for it. Seems like with all the challenges facing Edison these days, KY would have better things to do than trying to parse the difference between Gaucho pants and bidness slacks. But whatever.

Ten points to whomever guesses the KY impersonator in the picture.


No one of importance said...

So nice to know that we're allowed to wear sweaters or jackets if we get cold. But how will we know if we're cold? Who will tell us?

Anonymous said...

We will know we are cold if the minions are staring at us. Brrrr.

Voice of Sanity said...

You are cold when your contract tells you to be cold. Those people without a contract ... feel cold at your own discretion.

Steveskid said...

When Yowell sends our his annual "Summer Dress Code Memo," it is the only time he does not get caught up in abstract polysyllables. In its way, it is his best writing of the year, which shows were his priorities lie--appearances. And, of course, I am sure that the 100 or so folks who got dismissed are looking forward to an ecstatically enjoyable summer--common sense dictates it.

Class of '04 said...

Would the look alike be Lee Grant or Kim Bassinger or ...No, it can't be!

Anonymous said...

Steveskid, would you, in your CBA framing experience, wisdom and long memory, educate us on the history of the Edison dress code? Would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Also--the pic. Nobody?