Mo Money. Mo Problems?

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Edison's subscribed credit hours for spring are up 10%, according to the college's statistician, Becky Telford. ESEA is delighted at the news for several reasons.

It points to continued growth and health for Edison, which are paramount concerns for ESEA and its members. Also, it means the administration can cease its incessant cries of poverty. It confirms that our tri-county constituents see us as a safe port in an economic storm.

There remains little reason, if the trends continue, why Edison can't cure some serious staffing deficiencies, such as its failure to replace faculty members who constitute entire departments, or for the Strategic Human Resources Office to plan proactively for massive pending faculty retirements by overlapping entering and exiting faculty, or to hire the most basic of administrative functionaries to a college, like, oh, say, a full-time registrar, rather than adding a registrar's duties to already overburdened staff members.

We might also look into providing greater IT support, at least, to DCC, where, with 1 Dean, 1 full time staffer and 4 part timers--approximately 5% of the Piqua campus staff--the folks handle 15% of the student body, and were responsible for raising their enrollment by 44%.

The new influx of tuition dollars will tell the tale: are Edison's problems the result of "sloppy bookkeeping" and declining revenues, or will issues remain even after the daunting and curious spectre of fiscal watch has disappeared? Stay tuned.

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