On more than one occasion...

From: Peltier, Linda
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 11:34 AM
Subject: FW: Professional educational environment

{REDACTED} – It has come to my attention that {REDACTED} has not been following the dress code set by Dr. Yowell by wearing jeans and tennis shoes on more than one occasion. Therefore, I am asking you, as {REDACTED}’s supervisor, to address this situation with him so that there are no further occurrences of unacceptable attire.

Thank you for your assistance in supporting the professional environment on campus.



steveskid said...

From: {Redacted}

Sent: Monday November 24, 11:05 AM

To: {Redacted}

Subject: Ignorance of contract

{Redacted}-It has come to my attention that {Redacted} has not understood the contract as it has been negotiated between the Edison State Education Association and the Board of Trustees of Edison State College. Nothing in this contract speaks to a dress code for those bound by it. Therefore, I am asking you, as {Redacted}'s supervisor to address this situation so that she make no further efforts to write unacceptable, and unenforceable memoranda

Anonymous said...

Look, after 20+ years average schooling, the faculty at Edison shouldn't be expected to take fashion cues from a man who wears bow ties without irony.