An American Rant

How many of you looked inside the flier from the Ohio Education Association - an organization which, until five minutes ago, I was proud to be a member of?
"I am desperate for change and want to support Barack Obama. But I do have some questions about him." 
OEA Member Mary Reece, Kings Education Association
Fair enough. Presidential elections are not to be taken lightly, and the leadership in the White House can make a significant impact on both K-12 and Higher Ed (see No Child Left Behind). So questions about Obama's public education philosophy, funding priorities and legislative record are certainly appropriate. No one should make such a decision based solely on emotions.

So, Mary, what is your first question?
"Does he wear a flag pin on his lapel?"
WTF???? Does he wear a flag pin? What does that have to do with anything? NEXT QUESTION!
"Is he a Christian?"
Oh, come on! Don't you have any policy questions?
"Was he sworn in on the Bible?"
"Does he visit American troops overseas?"
"Does he place his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge?"
Mary, Mary, Mary.... THESE are the questions you have that will determine who you vote for?

OK, we have established that Mary is a shallow if well-meaning imbecile who watches Fox News too often and probably listens to Rush on the radio. WHY (and WHAT) IS SHE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN????

What is truly infuriating here is not that people like Mary exist, but that a significant number of members of the Ohio goddamned EDUCATION Association are just like Mary. Why else would OEA spend a significant amount of money on such a mailer? 

Is not the purpose of a liberal education to empower and enable individuals to FREE themselves from the bonds of ignorance? That's where the term comes from: liberal=liberate=liberty=freedom! (So, Rush - if you hate liberals then you hate freedom. Why do you hate freedom, Rush?) 

It is embarrassing enough that there are Americans graduated from high schools and colleges who cannot see through the superficial, insulting, derogatory, false and ultimately irrelevant character assassinations undertaken by sleazebags with an ideology, an email account and no ethics or accountability. It is unbearable that many of those willing to believe this tripe are professional educators - your colleagues!

This is a failure of information literacy. The OEA flier provides answers and cites mainstream media to refute each of the "rumors." But Mary could have easily found these and other sources of facts with about ten minutes of work. Information can free us from the bonds of ignorance - but only if we choose to use it.

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