Union Meeting Minutes

To Order 1 pm


Ruddick, Vaccaro, Meyers, Archibald, Cyphers, Johnson, Bollenbacher, Parete, Kretchsmann, Heintz, Agnew, Marlowe, Reed, Easley, Smith, Beucker, Dragosavac, Essinger, Shade, Funkhouser, Castle, WIllenbrink, Shreves.

1. Board of Trustees ratified contract agreement, 8-4-1.

2. August 30 will show increase.

3. (redacted)

4. Unanimous thanks and appreciation to negotiation committee.

5. Revision of Bylaws on the horizon; otherwise coast.

6. Introduction of potential new members.

7. (redacted)

Adjourn 1:30 pm

REDACTED Portions available to ESEA members upon request to the Secretary.