American Apparel Learns From Edison?

From the Completely Absurd Policies Foisted Upon Grown Ups With Things To Do By Sanity Challenged CEO's With Sartorial Issues Department.

You'll notice the terrible spelling and contextual confusion inherent in American Apparel's "dress code."

Cause it's an expression of profound illness by a crazy person whose sole excuse for exercising power over others is to preserve and extend deeply held, personal notions of having attained some level of sophistication his subordinates lack.

Ironically, to hold such notions is dispositive proof that one's concept of worldliness is really, um, sort of provincial, and probably has more to do with one's lame baby-boomer notions of propriety and booshy sensibilities than any real curatorial interest in corporate culture.

Viva los Pantalones Gauchos!

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Carson said...

ugh. quit your intellectual masturbating. This article is garbage.

Editorial Junta said...

Hi Dov!