Home to Roost

Oh, my. The Dayton Daily News is covering Quincy's lawsuit. Also, bringing up the rear as always, the Daily Call; it's worth noting Nancy Bowman, a real journalist, is on the case there. (Why does Dayton's paper know what's going on before Piqua's? Why does the national media know what's going on before Dayton's?) For a reminder, here's the video that made KY flip out and put himself and our College in a world of hurt:


Class of '04 said...

Where to begin?

"Karma is heck." "Losing one's naivete is never pretty, nor painless." "The tip of the iceberg."

Truth - too late coming for too many Edisonoians over far too many years. And the damage is likely far from over.

Naively Hopeful said...

It makes sense to me that if the suit was filed in Federal Court that Dayton would probably be visiting that site constantly. On the other hand, I think that it is funny that even though Sidney and Piqua newspapers are both owned by Brown that Sidney's article cited Dayton's article.