Fly! You fools.

Thanks Board, for wussing out yet again. Actually, not for wussing out. For being part of the problem.

Let's see: Yowell & Co. attack and try to destroy anyone in the institution who has a backbone. This is indisputable. So you change the proposal that Edison Community members approach you directly when necessary, from which we have been "forbidden" by someone with no authority to do so. Now, not only do you think you're "letting" us do something we're Constitutionally entitled to do, but the real effect of your work is to make it policy that, as a "courtesy," KY be informed whenever anyone speaks to you. How y'all think that's going to work out for the whistle-blower? All you did was guarantee that anyone who speaks up will be fired.

How about this courtesy, which The Illuminator extends to you? The ruin of the institution--which won't survive half a decade at the rate it's being dismantled and decimated from within--is on your head. You will be the ones remembered as having deferred, with the utmost degree of civility, to KY's twisted visions and his minions fawning, sycophantic implementations. Enjoy that entry in local history, all of you; it'll be filed under: The Spineless Enable The Witless: A Courteous Betrayal of Trust, Law, Ethics and Common Sense. Of course, it'll be cross-indexed under EDISON COMMUNITY COLLEGE--NOW DEFUNCT, See SINCLAIR NORTH. As a courtesy.

You deserve him. And he deserves you. But the tri-county service area deserves better. You fools.


mme_deFarge said...

It's time to face the fact that Edison is in a tornadic spiral to hell, and anyone with any sense is desperately looking for a way out.

And BTW -- since the new Bus won't publish this I will say it here: the easiest way to save money (besides not giving a big bonus to a dumb-a**) is to have a president who is willing to pay for his own car, gas and country club membershipS, as well as come to work and try to solve the multitude of problems facing this instituion. The rest of us do it, why not him??

Class of '04 said...

A good friend - and victim of Yowell fascism - wisely predicted that the board will do nothing until it costs them more to keep him than to pay his extortion. My friend was wrong - even that is not too costly to keep the speaking-with-one-voice status quo.

Verily, they are fools.

From the dark said...

The tri-county service area and the board deserves his pecular aesthetic behavior he exhibits toward his minion that is manifested by his rakish demeanor.