Couple Hundred Grand Well Spent

Yup. That's a hole in the wall all right. In a classroom that's so hot everyone in it has to violate KY's dress code to get through the session.

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Chance said...

Hole-y cow. Does the Linc contract cover that? Or is that gonna cost extra?

Just wondering.

You know, large outsourcing contracts for primary functions like maintenance or the bookstore are really bad news for an organization like Edison. The first priority for these companies is to make a profit for the company. Linc is a perfect example--the profit they make will be substantial (from a contract which by all appearances was not properly or competitively bid). If you care to look, you'll see that Linc locally is little more than a thinly-staffed franchisee which acts as a middleman to bring in a mish-mash of jobbers who do the work. The process yields almost pure profit. If it didn't, Linc wouldn't have the slightest interest in Edison. It's all about the money. You'd have to be really naïve to think otherwise.

Bringing these companies onto campus undermines the established structures and systems in these departments. The infrastructure of staff and their invaluable operational experience—the very things the college needs to protect and serve its best interests—are tossed aside by these interlopers. So, a couple of years from now if (or should I say when?) these companies lose interest in Edison (not enough profit would be one good reason, or Edison's inability or unwillingness to pay more), they walk away and we are left to start over. It will be an ugly scenario.

If the administrators responsible for these functions cannot handle these responsibilities, or are unable or unwilling to do so, then they need to get out. Selling out the college in this manner is leadership at its worst—a pseudo solution to get these responsibilities off one's own back. Pathetic. Expensive. Very bad for the long-term health of the institution.

Outsourcing only makes sense for a college like Edison when used for specific, seasonal or occasional needs. It is perfect for things like auditing the budget, replacing the roof, or conducting the book buy back. Such outsourcing does not impact the infrastructure of the college, comes at a limited price, and meets specific needs within a specific time frame.

The Linc maintenance contract is going to be one very expensive lesson for the college. Let's hope someone wakes up before we make the same mistake with the bookstore or something else.

Perhaps we should outsource the presidency. Followed by the exec administrators. Then the Board.

That would be perfect.