Questions For The Board

Please use the comments section to pose your own questions! The Junta will begin:
  1. We're concerned, in these tight, tight budgetary times, about our facilities department:
  • What's the new arrangement with the outsourcing company?
  • Was the board informed?
  • Did they consent?
  • How much is it costing us?
  • What are they doing that Bill & crew couldn't?
  • How did we come to the current arrangement, and for what reasons?
  • Was the contract put out for bid?
  • Is it the most cost-effective arrangement?
More to come. N.B. Questions not limited to facilities! Keep it civil, you.

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Chance said...

Awwwwrrrrright. It's time for “20 Questions.”
Nothing like a little diversion before getting down to the serious business of educating our students.

The Junta has posed the first eight questions. Well done, Junta'neers.
Here's the rest (with a special tip of the hat to Vito for the technical assistance).

9. How much is 12 x 20,370? (You may use a calculator or scratch pad)

10. Which ORC sections are concerned with competitive bidding of contracts over $50,000? (extra credit if you actually read any of the sections)

11. Advertisements for bids for the facilities contract appeared in which publication(s) of general circulation on what date(s)?

12. Which Linc Mechanical proposal did Edison accept? (a) first, (b) original, or (c) only.
12--Bonus. How many other firms submitted proposals? (a) zero, (b) none, or (c) 244,439.

13. What overlooked items are not covered under this contract? (Write answers on back. Attach as many extra sheets as needed.) See also question 18.

14. An airplane crashes in the Ohio River. In which state do they bury the survivors? Ohio or Kentucky?

15. Linc Mechanical began providing services at Edison: (a) before, (b) after, or (c) without, Board of Trustees approval. (HINT: more than one answer may be correct)

16. Edison's specifications for the contract: (a) were scribbled on a paper napkin from Wendy's, (b) don't exist and never did, or (c) will be put to music by Dr. Bob for this year's holiday banquet.

17. The contract agreement was written: (a) in Braille, (b) as a class assignment by the kids on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” or (c) by nobody, it just fell from the sky and landed in a visitor's parking spot outside West Hall.

18. The budget for which departments will be slashed before the end of the school year to pay for facilities expenses not covered under the maintenance contract? (HINT: Student Development, Institutional Effectiveness, and Strategeric Human Resources departments are considered non-responsive answers.) See also question 13.

19. This year many of Edison's valued employees received (a) a zero percent raise, (b) no raise, or (c) the same raise as last year or zero, whichever was higher.

20. If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! If the system's down, and there's no AC. Who you gonna call? (Hint: You shouldn't need a hint!)

Short Essay Bonus Question: What would you do with $244,440? (25 words or less)

Double Bonus Question: Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

Special Monthly Bonus: Invite a board member to your office and answer the 20 questions together.