August 11, 2009

TO: Arts and Sciences Faculty

FROM: Cindy Carbone, Dean of Arts and Sciences

RE: Resignation


Effective August 31, I will be leaving Edison to pursue another dean position at Central Ohio Technical College in Newark, OH.

I want to thank you for all your support during my three years here at Edison. You are a wonderful group of faculty to work for, work with, and lead. You have made my first foray into “dean-ship” enlightening, challenging, and rewarding and I have learned much during this experience. Thank you so much!

I wish you well during this transition and I know you will keep the spirit of education for your students foremost in all your endeavors.

Best wishes to you all! And Good luck!

Wake up, Murray! All the wrong ones are leaving! There may be "no change of leadership at the top," but what will you do when there is no bottom left for him to lead?


TR said...

Another loss of talent.

But let's see: Edison gets to save the salaries and cost of bennies for Carbone, McNutt, and several tenured faculty. Budget balanced! What fortune!

Class of '04 said...

TR, I think you're on to something. If we can lose enough of those tacky little deans and faculty members we can really ramp up the CQI thingie. Maybe start a CQIN Winter Institute somewhere in the Southwest, Florida or even at a Mexican resort town?

But let's not touch Student Services - it's sacred you know. Wink. Wink.

Chance said...

As predicted by many over the past few months . . .

Yet another person moving on.

Anyone want to take a guess as to how many more will leave before the end of 2009? And still how many more before graduation?

Resumes are out, job applications completed, references contacted. Lots of people out looking for something, or in some cases, anything. It is happening right now.

People have had enough of the endless line of crap from Yowell, his cronies, and the Board. And it's just a few days until the next load of crap comes special delivery at the fall convocation. Bet everyone is looking forward to that. Don't forget to take notes, Ken might demand you gag it all back up as if you actually had paid attention as he stumbled through his presentation.

Meanwhile, Yowell and his little band just cruise right along (loved the CQIN photos, guys, going to summer camp sure is fun) as if all is well, as if they are doing a wonderful job. Which is true, of course. They are doing a most wonderful job of running the college directly into the ground.

Gotta believe that anyone who can get out of Edison is going to do so. Those who can't leave (for whatever reason -- retirement, family, etc), just gotta hunker down and hope the conclusion comes sooner than the two years remaining on Yowell's contract. Nothing bad in hanging in, just know we all feel for each other very much.

Expect that many Board members are going to be looking for a way out, too. No one in his or her right mind could possibly want to remain associated with Yowell and his many misdeeds, failures, and the generalized disaster this administration has become. The fallout from this, the most protracted train wreck in the history of man (sorry for the mixed metaphor), will be tremendous.

Let us hope that the Dimbulb's new effort to reach out to Gov. Strickland will garner a twitch or two in Columbus. Contacting Fingerhut with the facts has failed. Contacting the media has fallen short of expectations, too. So, take a minute to visit with the governor and see if we can make something happen.