Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Huey Lewis and The News

After the tumult of last year, consider: we are exactly where we were the day before the Edison HR Columbine. A year's worth of garden-variety mismanagement and budgetary boondoggling has been swept under the rug while the BOT ran around trying to figure out exactly where the warm and cozy got off to.

One must hand it to KY and the Usual Suspects--it takes gall, and no small amount of close-in knife-fighting moxy--to misbehave so thoroughly that what would be normally an appalling level of hubris, mismanagement and cronyism would look normal by comparison.



Class of '04 said...

Not exactly, EJ.

You've lost some mighty fine people and those that remain mostly do 2 jobs or more. Meanwhile the Elites continue to drive away good folks and spend the newly found student tution windfall on boondoggles and entertaining the trustees. Chalk up several scores by the Yowellies.

Chance said...

Exactly where we were? Nope.

Lots of bad things happened that were neither addressed or resolved by any stretch of the imagination. Lies, a firing, contract non-renewals, employees leaving the college, a vote of no confidence glibly brushed aside -- need I go on.

Things are worse if for no other reason than the fact that we still Yowell, andwe now know for certain that the Board will tolerate anything Yowell does without limit.

That's worse, guys.

Yowell and the Board need to go.


Editorial Junta said...

And the board...we're hearing that a lot around the press these days. Think the Edison Community can handle a project of such magnitude?

Class of '04 said...

Well, of course, it can be handled. Yowell contributes nothing but negatives, the board sits on its hands, but the students still get classes and learning. Throw them out and get a group that is morally and ethically committed to serving its constituencies - the owners of the college - us.