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Not From the Board, but an answer to some of our pile of questions from a reliable administrator, anyhow:

"[T]he Linc Service Network provides preventive HVAC service and energy solutions to commercial building owners worldwide via an international Network of more than 140 independent and company-owned mechanical contractors.

Edison is in year
five of a ten-year contract midway with Energy Systems Group, at approximately $6,000 per year. That's about 1/40th of our contract with Linc, and many of the services for which we pay, and for which we will suffer in budgetary terms, are duplicative."

Of course, questions of this sort of breed other questions like tribbles breed in Enterprise vents. Since, by Linc's own admission, Linc is an outsourcer who outsources, it leads one to wonder about the parameters of our relationships with Linc's local affiliate--who, what, why, when, how.

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Chance said...

Accountability anyone?

Yes, I know there really isn't any.

It comes as no surprise that KY and Co. are not interested in answering any questions about the Linc contract. Our shamefully mute Board of Trustees doesn't seem to want any answers about the Linc contract either. Incredible.

Let's try something more to the point then. Datatel shows the college paying Linc for all of July when Linc only was here for half the month. That's a $10,000 giveaway from where I sit.

Surely, Mr. Reke, you have some cockamamie excuse for doing this, so let's hear it. (Don't worry, no one's going to hold you accountable for anything anyway. Your other costly screw ups have been quietly buried, this one will be, too.)

Since we're talking money, let's not forget there are many good people going without raises this year. That $10,000 matters a lot to them. Rest assured, Mr. Reke, your generous gesture to Linc won't be forgotten for one minute.

Suggest we all keep close watch on the Linc contract and everyone involved. $244,000 is just the beginning. More $$$$ to follow. Count on it.