911 Update

Breaking update!...reliable KY Administration sources inform The Illuminator that our campus has been without network service capable of associating rooms, phones and outside calls for several years. This while our campus has been with various budgetary boondoggles, massive miscues and shameful perks to the campus elites, galore...if one of our beloved colleagues or co-workers were to suffer harm because of this idiocy our College and its captains will have Hell to pay--not just in damages for negligence, criminal negligence, manslaughter or other prosecutions, but in Karma as well.

Let's get our house in order, shall we? The Junta has some suggestions on how and where to start...oh, and don't forget to check out CTG's comment, under the "Questions for The Board," post. Some shady stuff there, and the folks in charge of it should account. Good weekend, friends. Junta out.

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