Illinois Trustees to The Woodshed

In response to the University of Illinois' admissions scandal, two former university presidents called Monday for the resignation of the school's trustees and a sweeping overhaul of how the board is appointed.


Chance said...

Well it didn't take long. Already we are seeing Edison's newest Board members falling neatly into step with their peers and predecessors on the Board. Already they are unwilling to confront Yowell and hold him accountable for his actions and failures. Already they have become just another part of the problem, rather than a much hoped-for part of the solution. Already.

Those who fault Yowell should also fault the Board members who have enabled Yowell's self-serving agenda for two decades. Those Board members have consistently failed to adequately meet their responsibilities as stewards of the public trust. Despite untold numbers of warnings and complaints about Yowell, the Board has turned a deaf ear and steadfastly maintained their support. Even in light of recent crises, including the still as yet unresolved contract fiasco, Marlowe's heads up/firing/unfiring, and a 44-1 vote of no confidence from faculty, the Board still accepted a positive self-evaluation from Yowell. (Atta boy, Ken, keep up the good work.) Given the unprecedented height of this most preposterous ridiculousness, we should all be so dizzy as to fall down. A similarly lopsided vote of no confidence in this Board would be most fitting.

Gov. Strickland would be prudent in dismissing the entire Board of Trustees. A fresh start with no carry-over Board members would be most welcome. Such a Board would have no reluctance in holding Yowell accountable, and no reason to cover up its past failures to do so.

A new Board is our best hope.

Gov. Strickland, please step forward.

Class of '04 said...

We at the Dimbulbs shall soon be investigating the "speaking with one voice" phenomenon that our Board seems to take as sacrosanct. Whatever became of protecting the public interest and representing your constituency? Why is there no dissent, no minority opinion, no sign that you "get it" that this regime is hopelessly corrupt and has lost any ability to lead? You know the truth - act on it.

It is now time for everyone at Edison to push this thing up the political ladder. We shall provide instruction on how you will do that. Meanwhile, keep writing and calling the local political appointees.