Edison's Plight in Other Blogs

Two more blogs have recent posts about Edison Community College's problem keeping good faculty.


National Student News Service posts a short note (titled "Controversial Staffing Decisions at Edison Community College") focusing on Dr. Yowell's rational for the firing of Stephen Marlowe and Quincy Essinger.  Though, they incorrectly write that Essinger was present at the vote of no-confidence, writing Yowell "refused to rehire Professor Quincy Essinger, an adjunct humanities professor, after Essinger refused to shut off a video camera filming a board meeting where the faculty took a vote of no confidence."  Not quite the case.  Essinger filmed the April Board meeting which followed Yowell's ordering of issuing pre-cautionary and preemptive non-renewal notices as a favor to all 100+ faculty and staff so they wouldn't feel like they needed to sue for not being given an official 90 day notice of non-renewal in case the college needed to cut faculty and staff if the possible state budget cuts proved they might be imminent.

The blog Unasked Advice also points to the Inside Higher Ed article.  Blogger Brokeharvardgrad, in the posting "Add Eddison Community College in Ohio to the list of openly censoring professors by firing them–as deemed necessary by President Yowell,"  links the firings of Marlowe and non-rehire of Essigner to other colleges who have been doing the same thing, going so far as to give Edison and Dr. Yowell the "Assshole Business Award of the Week for their firing of Professor Stephen D. Marlowe, an English professor who was possibly fired fro criticizing the president of the university, Yowell.  Yowell is running two for two in squelching dissent as he also fired an adjunct who refused to turn off his video camera during a public meeting."  

Finally, Networkedblogs.com provides another way for the public to read our blog by tracking the Illuminator's updates.  

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