McNutt's & Lootens' Selfless Dedication Remembered With New Scholarships

Dean Michael of Darke County Endows New Awards Personally...

The Dim Bulbs have announced that Dean Janice Michael, of Edison's Darke County Campus, has endowed two new scholarships in recognition of Mindy McNutt and Phil Lootens. Read more here.


Class of '04 said...

Despite all efforts to the contrary from the Corner at Edison, these true and extraordinary servant leaders soar to heights once again. Meanwhile the impotent purveyor of coercion remains silent, except to author and blithely sign at least one retributive termination letter.

The scholarships were barely put in place when a flood of additional contributors swelled the award amount from $250 to $500 for each named scholarship. Well done Dean Michael.

Still Taking Notes said...

Ironic isn’t it, that adversity has caused so much solidarity among our faculty and staff?
Suddenly, there are so many thank you’s called for:


…Janice, for a thoroughly cool, generous, and appropriate gesture for our retiring administrators who have done so much for our college, even under duress.

…Dimbulbs for your letter of support. We called in the cavalry and you came! Your support reminds us of better days at Edison and is heartening. We need your help now!

…everyone who has signed the petition asking our Board to give us new leadership. We are grateful, and we hope others are willing to step up to the plate.

…faculty, staff, retired employees, everyone who is finally speaking out, telling the truth about the duplicity at Edison.

I can’t agree completely with Anonymous who said “there is no bickering, no taking sides, no posturing,” suggesting that everyone is suddenly working in harmony. There are still testy moments between student development and faculty, administration and adjuncts where biases are obvious, and decisions that hurt Edison are based on retaliation and the misuse of power. But, those things can change when we have new leadership that insists on respect and fair treatment for everyone, not just for those who happen to be under the President’s financial care.

Our Board should be used to the incoming rounds by now. It's time for them to ACT!

mbaustkeefer said...

You've always been the best, most dedicated and often least appreciated. Thanks for all that you've done for the students, faculty and staff of Edison.
Mary Beth