A great piece relevant to our effort, from The New Yorker.


Anonymous said...

But as illustrated in the article, it is hard to win when the other team owns the referees (i.e. the trustees.)

Anonymous said...

Let's review the teams:


The starting lineup (Crud Crew) - Captain JS, Co-Captain KY, LP, CR & what's his name.

The reserves - Four or 5 trustees quickly becoming a laughingstock for their blind support of the Crud Crew.

David's Team

The starting lineup - Four or 5 courageous trustees who have seen the light and don't understand the laughingstock reserves on Goliath's team.

The reserves - 98 percent of the faculty, most of the staff and administrators at ECC and a community that sees right through the KY administration.

Referees - not yet announced.

Odds - 5-4 KY

Anonymous said...

That would make David's team the Krud Kutters?

Anonymous said...

So we are developing the strategy after the battle has begun? Now it has become personal, which is exactly the kind of diversion KY relishes. Bashing the cronies will not win anything in the long term. It’s what their real purpose is in KY’s court- to keep the enemy’s eye off the real target and give him room to maneuver.
There are two paths to victory here, one involves sinking a few ships and the other is simply waiting Yowell out until his contract is up. If victory can be had without the loss of employees, that would be a real accomplishment. I would prefer not to be one of the ships that are hit and sunk.
This attack started with real issues. Don’t let the enemy cloud the issue with personal attacks on people who don’t really matter anyway. We don’t need to take the high ground here, the enemy simply walked away from that years ago.

Anonymous said...

The first post is how you lose. KY doesn't own the Trustees, he works for them as we all do. That he runs roughshod over these chosen leaders of our communities is both amazing and tragic. The Board's tolerance for his incompetence, selfishness, empire building, and antagonistic behavior is disturbing beyond belief. We get Yowell by getting the Board to act on the mistakes and messes he's made. Go at the Board publicly, loudly, give them the full court press. Really.

Anonymous said...

I agree the real issues need to be held up to the light of day directly in front of the Board. The personal attacks gain nothing and the inner circle will be disbanded quickly by the next president. The Board has to recognize how very embarassing this last episode and many others before it have been to the college. Unless they're on nitrous oxide they have must know that THEIR poor, semi-interested performance has allowed KY to rule in the corrupt and disgusting way he has. The Board is where you'll find the leverage to oust Yowell. Yowell will never admit the error of his ways and quit. Never. Pressure the Board endlessly until change occurs and we win.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has made perfectly valid points. Here's the thing: KY's cronies have acted ruthlessly and viciously toward anyone they have seen as threatening the Emperor. One is hopelessly deluded into thinking she'll be the next Mrs. KY in the long of such. The others act on his behalf to grab power for themselves. To point out their actions reflects back on KY and points out his own ruthlessness.

He has owned the board through various means, not that they don't ultimately own him when they finally choose to do so. Everything needs to be exposed to the broadest community possible: KY without fail, the cronies as to their actions, the board as it refuses to exercise oversight and control of a corrupt, negligent and sadistic administration.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious question - if the upcoming public sessions of the board are attended by overwhelming numbers of community members, is the board obligated to move from its plush venue to one that would accomodate the numbers? Surely someone can check the Ohio Revised Code or may know from past experience.

Secondly, are board members obliged to take calls, e-mail and written correspondence from citizens in the service area? Or, can they do as KY does and just remain aloof to the crisis?

Anonymous said...

Good points--well made and taken, we think. The Editorial Junta affirms our issue-based agenda, whilst noting the frustration endemic in the arguments.

Some of the Junta's members--there are five of us, depending on the day--have been singled out personally by the administration for maltreatment.

The question for those folks, given appeals for restraint, is how can our community / family culture survive--or recover, as supposed--when the most basic issues of trust and social, personal, and financial security are at stake? Is it, as some have suggested, a metaphorical and professional 'fight to the death?' with those who cannot, or will not, separate contentions of principle from calumnies of the personal sort?

The Junta will not interfere with anyone's free speech, unless that 'free speech' is libelous (in which case such speech is not free, technically speaking). In our culture & morale survey for instance, we gave raw data, not scrubbed.

It showed some people didn't take the survey seriously, while others used it to vent about personal issues. But after the past few years, all we want is some truth, even if it's stupid, ugly or even distasteful.

It should be remembered that, at least in the comments section, those posting speak for themselves. Though operating under noms de guerre, for obvious reasons, The Junta and our other contributors will post over our handles. The Junta may--or may not--agree with comments here, even if we enjoy them.

Edison needs a safe place to talk, so here you go. Wear a mask if you want. Flame KY and the minions if you want. Defend KY and the minions if you want. Flame the Junta, the ESEA, or blue jeans, if you want. Stand up and be counted, name and face and all if you want. Just come is all. You'll be loved. Probably.

Except for Larry, who makes the EJ post stuff for him and label it "On Behalf of Larry." He's a luddite like that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. You are screwed unless it gets out to the public. Even the new board members won't take action until KY's contract is up. This is a fight to the death of someones contract.

Anonymous said...

B of T must accept the fact that KY cannot ever again "lead" the college because of all he has done, the Edison Columbine topping the list of hits that keep on coming. B of T hear us. KY must go.