Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics

Today's DDN Says:

"Edison Community College in March notified 67 administrative employees and 16 faculty members that their contracts won’t be renewed for the new fiscal year starting July 1 “because of contract policy and serious state funding issues,” said Jack Kramer, Edison spokesman."

April 14, 2009, in an email from KY's account: "It is very important for everyone at Edison to understand that no faculty member or no administrator or classified employee has been non-renewed or fired. According to the union contract and board policy, any employee that may not be renewed next year must be notified 90-days before the end of the budget year, or April 1."

Jack is misled, incompetent, or a liar. KY is incompetent, or a liar.
Though...all of the above are possible, we guess.

Read the whole article here.


EduKated said...

Given that Kramer has been known to refer to KY as a 'visionary', what do we expect?

Steveskid said...

A student once asked to explain the difference between a vision and an hallucination.

Voice of Sanity said...

The inability to transfer numbers from reality to print is amazing. The whole fired vs haven't been fired thing too .. you know .. just that.

SS521BO said...

S. Shoup is also enjoying a rewarding position at UD, after 9 1/2 years of service to Edison.

Chance said...

This one's easy.

Jack does as told. That Yowell's statements as reported are false, misleading or contradictory makes no difference. (Remember the 50% cut in state subsidy?) The beat goes on.

Atta boy, Jack.

Chance said...

A little clarification on the above comment . . . I meant . . .

That Yowell's statements as reported in the news media are false or misleading or contradictory makes no difference to him (Jack).

Should make sense now.