Et Tu, Brute?

Board asking pertinent questions--the sleeping giant awakens? Imperial facade begins to crack in the face of most basic questioning...

Two unrelated
Illuminator intelligence operatives tell us much of Wednesday's Board meeting focused on employee morale, a possible consequence of the meeting between the board and Heintz, Reed & Dragosavac. The Board asked JS to provide employee satisfaction numbers, and JS began to provide 2008's figures, with typical fudging, double-talk and Baldridgian nonsense. The Board had none of it, and asked why a 2009 survey had not been done. (NB to Board--one was done, by the Illuminator, and around 2/3 of the institution participated; we presented the data without its being, er, massaged.)

KY apparently then admitted the 2009 survey was not conducted--he already knew what the results would be. (
Catastrophic, we know.) Interesting this seems to have been ommitted in KY's 'management letters' to the Board, while mad screeds against dedicated faculty comprised page after page after page. JS's excuses included her department being underfunded, undermanned, and under pressure. Not even KY could abide such nonsense, and allegedly removed the morale survey from JS's sundry menu of Inquisitorial tools. Could it be JS will be the latest of KY's minions to be thrown under the bus as he scrambles to save his well-exposed hide?

Some members of the Editorial Junta have significant differences with JS on many issues, some personal. But not even a group as snarky as the Editorial Junta can pretend JS has not, over the years, served Edison with good, albeit wholly misguided, intentions. Years of babysitting KY, leading him by the hand from awkward social setting to awkward social setting: that, at least, should count as time-served. She still has time to be remembered with some degree of ambivalence by many...shame, shame, and O the irony, that she may now find herself the newest addition to KY's list.

Update: Brad Reed was apparently in attendance at the Wednesday BOT meeting; he has a firsthand account, as well as a less JS-friendly diagnosis of the issues facing us in this crisis.


Steveskid said...

Am I the only one who remembers when Yowell decided to go with this Baldridge stuff? He was, yes sir, changing the face of Edison forever, and leading us into perfection, and the best part was that he was putting himself on the line, too. This would be radical transparency--and if it meant that he would lose his job, well, so be it. Yeah, right, most of us said. Ken putting himself on the line for anything? Nah. But who could have predicted that it all would be more opaque?

Class of '04 said...

Pulease. Wasting time and tears and JS's legacy is akin to hoping Bernie Madoff has a pleasurable stay in his new home. Be real.