Well, There Goes Our Pulitzer...

Word in the hallways is that one of the Unmentionables threatened IT with--gasp! you won't believe it! summary unemployment! because your trusty Editorial Junta learned of a ridiculous, sycophantic montage of KY on the Edison website. (Wasn't hard at all, if you ask @CanadiensFan33, who is not in the IT Dept. and doesn't even work at Edison, and is just a fan of watching people speak clear truth to dumb power.)

It didn't require hacking. It didn't require black-ops against Texan outposts. It didn't even require being at Edison. So lay off, eh? The real crime is that there are actually folks at Edison who thought the collage was a good idea in the first place. It was a silly thing to do. It made KY look like a megalomaniac, and it left those involved in making and promoting it look like a bling-blinded rapper's posse.

Then, someone totally hacked into our personal computers and removed the collage from this paper's...no, wait. The collage was on the internet, wasn't it? Big free space anyone can visit? On an open page? Okay. So they just took it down off the Edison website then, where it lived in the first place. Fine. Whatever. So, to fill in the space, we had to put in another picture, which is only a little less idiotic than the first one. Update! The Collage Is Back!


Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see the collage I was so infatuated that I made a copy to keep nearby on my nightstand.

Incidentally, we are nowhere near the Edison campus and we can see much more embarrassing things than the sycophant's drool page on the Edison public server.

Anonymous said...

EJ, can we get the larger size collage back? We're missing the love.