I got all my sisters with me

Hundred & Some Against Maybe Six At Most

We are family--or so we've been told--and that means we look out for each other. Looking out for each other means we share and share alike, especially where information is concerned. So, for the duration of the crisis engulfing us, The Editorial Junta will alert the entire Edison community to Illuminator updates, and will, temporarily, encourage non-union members (faculty, classified, hourly, everyone) to submit articles or posts related to the crisis and the unethical, dishonest and repugnant activities of the current administration and members of Edison's Board of Trustees. Contact The Editorial Junta for a login and password. The Editorial Junta reserves the right to throw nonsense in the digital trashcan, so don't study mischief here. It won't get anywhere. Unless it's really funny.

Even if you don't have much to say, or are too afraid to stand up and fight, you can help by keeping an eye on those whose misplaced priorities have put us where we are. Tell us what they're up to. We've added a Twitter feed to give quick updates on Edison happenings, which we hope will soon become more positive, but will now unfortunately, most likely, record in real-time the slinkings of KY and his minions; i.e., where or if they've been sighted and what havoc they're wreaking. Check back often to see what snakes lurk in your particular patch of grass.

Also, if you have a twitter account, please use the posting widget to 1) follow us, and 2) a
id in the project described in the previous paragraph. Even if you don't have twitter, please give us a "heads up" whenever you can. This sort of leadership shares a vulnerability with Dracula: sunlight is what they fear most. Your fingers, typing truth, will help throw open the shutters.

You may have noticed we have included a Board of Trustees meeting countdown on the upper left of the page. Despite the best efforts of the Strategeric Director of Human Resources, Ohio law and good sense allows citizens and community members to petition the powers that be for redresses of greivances, if only by refusing to leave their little Star Chamber and scowling at them while they disembowel our College. If you can make it, please consider visiting the entire board meeting.

You might also review Ohio's Sunshine Law, so you can explain it to whomever might try to boss you around while you're there. It's also a great resource if you want to request public records, like, say, a community
college employment contract that has a board of trustees agreeing to pay for a college president's Cadillac, or Lexus, or whatever.

Various student driven initiatives are also underway. They're worth our rev
iew and support.

Marlowe, a CBA protected faculty member of the College's English Department (already understaffed and highest-revenue producing), has been unceremoniously non-renewed in the middle of a contract, in the week following the bloodbath vote of no-confidence. He has created an online store for folks interested in protest wear, mugs, and buttons. The gear is sold at cost, and much of the fun to be had there is at Marlowe's expense. But that's okay: so is KY's apoplexy. In the coming week, protest buttons should be available, for free, for anyone with the mettle to pin one on. Ask around. They won't be hard to find.

For your viewing pleasure, we've included some encouraging clips.

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