Shot Clock

And so the semester winds down.

KY and his troops are undoubtedly grateful. They've run the clock out before, haven't they?

He has already been in a fix much like this one, when the Edison Community felt the need and the opportunity to stand up to his, and his cadre's, bullying. That time, the failures of character and leadership fell during the summer months, and even though the Edison community--Board, Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration--moved to remedy the situation, he wiggled out of the jam. The Editorial Junta expects he's got his wigglin' shoes on now. That time, as now, KY put his pride and interests before the best interests of the school. The Senate censured, the Board threatened, the Courts diverted. The polyester Prez lived up to his moniker. No stains, no pains.

Yet, now we all understand how expendable we are, and how secondary Edison's mission for its students, to the current regime. We have seen those helming a great institution lack the foresight and reason to plan effectively, act judiciously and build consensus. We have seen the bald anger, vitriol and senseless drive for retribution that follows speaking any truth to that power. We see who is protected. We see who is targeted, what is targeted, and needn't be told why. It's obvious. Yes, yes. And it's even worse than we thought.

This thing is different, though. You can feel it in the halls, not just on the 2nd floor. Things are changing, aren't they? One season is ending, another is beginning.
  • There are two new members of the Board of Trustees. We suspect they come to the conference table duly warned about the current Board's myriad dysfunctions, tone-deaf pronouncements, and ready-inked "Yes Ken" rubber stamp. Ms. Floyd has been an Edison adjunct, and therefore likely needs no introduction to how things at Edison really work. Mr. Luring is a prominent Miami County attorney with a history of political and community activism. Nobody's fool, we suspect; certainly, nobody's lapdog.
  • Rumors abound--and we choose to believe they are true because they are sweet--that KY's inner circle pulls inward daily, with Deans and Administrators alike raising their once fearful eyes and challenging the Emperor's demands that they remark positively upon his see-thru unitard.
  • In meeting minutes, we read CQI committees are being reorganized next semester, to include various new constituencies from around the college. One wonders, how many strident, divisive voices will be invited to those reindeer games? Ultimately it's irrelevant--if things shake out like we expect them to, people will have even less patience for the brutal nonsense of our accrediting process.
  • The Illuminator will continue to report--with the truth, humor and snark its readers have come to expect--all summer long. Then, when the new academic year breaks, we shall continue to report as necessary, on the moveable feast of disaster that are KY's final terms--oh, that pesky "s"--as Edison's Commandante.
When you fear the count has expired, and wonder whether the resolve of The Resistance is exhausted, listen hard. You'll hear it.

Tick tock.

Now, enjoy this:


Anonymous said...

Just curious, who pays the high insurance rates for the college-provided car that would have been incurred by Yowell's DUI conviction?

Anonymous said...

Was there a conviction?

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