Big Brother Ken?

It has come to The Illuminator's attention, that in the midst of the current crisis at Edison, many employees have ceased using the internal e-mail system for any communication other than official, work-related exchanges. Said one:

"It's all cell and Gmail and Yahoo and Hotmail now. I mean, we know they scan the Edison mail, so. God knows what the administration will do if they see the number of nasty, angry messages floating out there. Some people are saying they've already technically fired us, so what more can they do? But KY is just mean, and we've already seen that his need for retaliation doesn't have to make any sense. He's like a toddler throwing tantrums. Better safe than sorry."

Tick Tock.

[4/4: Ed. Note: after expressed concerns and offered clarification from Edison's Information Technology Dept., it has become clear the quote taken above could be misinterpreted to imply that the IT Dept. is acting in bad faith against the non-exec. level Edison Community. That is certainly not The Illuminator's intention, and the quote should not be taken so. The context of the discussion from which the quote was taken would lead any listener to assume the "...we know they scan the Edison mail..." comment referred to the Sophos content alert system, which scans email passively for bad words and bawdy references. We have been assured that no human being has, or will, unless specifically directed by persons with the authority to order it, actively monitor Edison's email messages. Also, IT wishes to remind the community that third-party email services routing through Edison's IP can be accessible to Edison and the State of Ohio.--Steve Marlowe, Sec., ESEA]

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Anonymous said...

A photo of Sean Ford on a leash, like a puppy, should be included here. On a more serious note, shouldn't our state leaders be concerned that the institutions of higher learning are being managed like an out of control investment firm. "Contracts be damned, we do what we want."