Pink Slip

In the next few days, most of the staff of Edison Community College will sign for registered mail containing the following letter:

March 27, 2009

[employee name]
[employee address]

Dear [employee name],

Per the ESEA Agreement, please be advised that this letter serves as a notice of non-reappointment of your faculty contract with Edison Community College for FY 2009-10.

Once Edison's budget has been finalized, the College will make a determination as to appropriate next steps, including potential re-employment, as the budget allows.


Linda M. Peltier
Executive Director

President's Office and Strategic HR

While you're waiting for the College to determine some appropriate steps, take solace that one of them is, potentially, re-employment. Nothing says "we value our employees" like keeping them in limbo for months, dangling re-employment in their faces.

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