How is the Board of Trustees going to benefit from our wisdom and insight here?


Steve said...

In the same way everyone benefits from our wisdom. Copiously.

Dave Johnson said...

When, and under what circumstances, have they ever considered that we have had any wisdom?

Brad Reed said...

I think of my experience as a Board member (and president) these last eight years and I wonder if the staff of Botkins Local sees me as being as remote and uninterested in the day-to-day workings as our Trustees seem to be.

Certainly, 95% of my communication is through the Superintendent, the Treasurer or the Principal. I am friends with some of the staff, and know most by name (it's a small community). Heck, I'm even related - sort of - to one, my son-in-law's aunt.

I'd like to think that if they had a concern they would feel comfortable calling me, even if I can't comment on certain things, or just have to listen and not respond.

I do know that some of the newer, younger board members field far more calls than I - largely because they offer a sympathetic ear, which may not always be appropriate for a board member, but which happens nonetheless.

I don't know how to gain the ear of the Trustees. I just keep hoping some of them will seek us out.